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With a passion for helping home owners, we are leading the way in finding and verifying the best home service companies and contractors so you can focus on what matters — solving your project successfully the first time.

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We are Services Curated, your trusted companion in the quest for reliable home services. We do our best for you to step into a world where finding trustworthy contractors is not a maze but a straightforward journey guided by trust, transparency, and excellence.

In a world where finding trustworthy contractors can feel like navigating a maze, Services Curated stands as a beacon of assurance. Our meticulous auditing and verification processes set us apart, guaranteeing that every contractor recommended to homeowners has been thoroughly vetted for reliability and reputation.

But we’re more than just a verification service; we’re your partners in peace of mind. Our commitment to transparency and trust empowers homeowners to make confident choices, knowing that they’re receiving top-quality service from industry-leading professionals.

Lastly, we’re not just changing the way homeowners hire contractors; we’re setting new standards for reliability and integrity.

Our Mission

At Services Curated, our mission is clear: we revolutionize the home services industry by meticulously auditing and verifying contractors. By ensuring that homeowners connect with the most reputable professionals in every category and city, we raise the standard of reliability and trustworthiness in the industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower homeowners with confidence in their choices. We envision a home services landscape characterized by reliability, integrity, and excellence, where homeowners can navigate with ease and assurance.

Through our efforts, we aspire to instill a sense of trust and confidence in every homeowner, knowing that our recommendations are backed by unwavering dedication to quality and reliability. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is both simple and profound – to safeguard the interests of homeowners by rigorously vetting contractors. 

Through our rigorous verification processes, we provide peace of mind and satisfaction with every service. Our aim is to alleviate the stress and uncertainty often associated with hiring contractors, allowing homeowners to rest assured that they are in good hands. 

Our Promise

Our promise at Services Curated is one of unwavering commitment to transparency, trust, and reliability. With every audit and verification, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations, ensuring that our recommendations are founded on thorough assessments and stringent standards.

We are dedicated to delivering nothing short of excellence, ensuring that homeowners receive the best possible service every time they turn to us.